Functions of Official Statistics Section:
The Official Statistics Section of the Directorate of Economics & Statistics UT of J&K has been entrusted with the job of preparation of:
(a) UT Digest of Statistics
(b) District Good Governance Index
(c) Monthly report on District Good Governance.
The UT Digest of Statistics:
It is an annual publication of the Directorate of Economics & Statistics for which the Official Statistics Section collects data/ information from the identified source agencies and after its scrutiny/analysis; the data is incorporated in the annual publication “UT Digest of Statistics”.
District Good Governance:
Index is also an important annual publication assignment entrusted to this section for which sector –wise data is collected from Regional Directorate’s of both the Divisions i.e, Jammu /Kashmir after its authentication by the concerned District Development Commissioner.Further, the data is analysed and validated at the Directorate level enabling final publication of the report. Moreover, the monthly District Good Governance Portal designed and developed by Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), GOI is also being monitored by the official statistics section for authentication and validation of the data uploaded by the sectoral officers. Apart from this, the section has also been mandated with the assignment of vetting of Regional Digest of Statistics of both the Divisions i.e, Kashmir / Jammu. This section also extends technical guidance/support to the districts for preparation and publication of their periodical publications viz. District Statistical Handbook, Village Amenity Directory and District at a Glance.