This division co-ordinates the activities of all divisions of the Directorate. It is in fact the Editorial Division of the Directorate. The official data emanating from the day-to-day working of various government departments are collected and compiled and presented in the periodical publications of the Directorate. The regular /adhoc publications of the Directorate are:-

  1. Digest of Statistics (Annual)
  2. Pre-budget Economic Survey (Annual)
  3. J&K in Indian Economy (Annual)
  4. Irrigation Statistics (adhoc)
  5. Economic Review of J & K State (Annual)
  6. Hand book of Statistics (Biennial)
  7. Indicators of Regional Development (Biennial)
  8. Indicators of Economic Development (Biennial)

Besides, preparation and publication of above publications the Co-ordination Division vets and edits the District Statistical Hand books (Annual) and Village Amenity Directories of all the Districts before their release. The division also takes care of the Block Statistical Unit which collects village and block level data, Organisation of training courses within the state and deputation of officers and officials for various courses outside the state are also within the functions of this Division. The two Statistical Training Schools at Jammu and Srinagar and work relating to selection/deputation of trainees and conduct of examination is being looked after by this division. The division also formulates and prepares the five-year plan and the annual plan of the Directorate.