Data on Vital Statistics i.e. Births and Deaths and other related parameters is generated from civil registration. It deals with mankind in aggregate and is defined as continuous, permanent and compulsory recording of the occurrence and the characteristics of vital events i.e. births and deaths.

Organizational set-up:-

The scheme on Vital Statistics, known as CRS is being carried out with a network of functionaries drawn from different disciplines viz, Local Bodies, Health and Economics and Statistics who are doing this job in addition to their normal duties. The organizational hierarchy together with the responsibilities laid down under the provision of the revised RBD Act Rules 2022, to various functionaries at different levels are described briefly here under:-

(1) Chief Registrar of Births and Deaths :-

Director General Economics and Statistics is the Chief Registrar of Births and Deaths at the State level. She is the Chief Executive authority in the State for implementing the provisions of the Act. The Chief Registrar is required to take steps in order to coordinate unify and supervise the work of registration in the State for securing an efficient system of registration.

Her responsibilities, therefore, include appointment of registration functionaries and their training, establishment of registration units, inadequate numbers within the easy accessibility of the public, ensuring prompt registration, issuance of certificates, proper maintenance of records, regular & adequate supply of registration books and various other forms to the registration units, arranging wide publicity for registration of births and deaths, bringing about inter-departmental co-ordination for registration work.

Regional Director, Evaluation and Statistics Jammu/Kashmir is the Additional Chief Registrar of Births and Deaths. The Additional Chief looks to various requirements as necessary for the implementation of the CRS at various levels in the hierarchy.

(2) District Registrar of Births and Deaths:-

Chief Medical Officer is the District Registrar of Births and Deaths. To supervise the registration of births and deaths in the district and shall be responsible for executing the provisions of the Act and the relevant orders of the Chief Registrar in his district.

(3) Additional District Registrar of Births and Deaths

District Statistical & Evaluation Officer (DSEO) is the Additional District Registrar of Births and Deaths. To collect and compile district level data of Births and Deaths and Medical Certification for Cause of Death (MCCD). To give permission for delayed registration (after 30 days but within 1 year). To organize public awareness campaign in the District/ Block/Panchayat/ Municipal areas